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Spanish NOTE Individual 2 – 2018


This H1-level Note Individual Booklet based on the 2018 exam, has 10 pages packed with the most useful guide, sample and bonus material to make sure you ace this section of the exam.

    Description of Contents

    Description of Contents



    Do you know…

    The Note is a very common choice in the Leaving Cert. exam (Note or Diary Entry) and is worth 20 marks (HL and OL).

    One of the main secrets is that the note is not really a test of vocabulary but, rather, of grammar – specifically of tenses. Also, if you know how to structure it properly, you can have approximately 30% of the note prepared BEFORE you even walk into the exam.

    In order to do well in the Note, you need to be able to…

    • Recognise tenses in the points given in English.
    • Know and use the tenses in Spanish.
    • Correctly structure your Note.

    You need to be able to …

    • Start your Note in the correct way.
    • Layout your Note in the correct way.
    • Finish your Note in the correct way.

    In this Individual Note 1 from 2018, you get:

      • Excellent phrases and translations for starting and finishing.
      • Clear, simple guide to structuring a Note.
      • A breakdown of tenses in English.
      • A translation of each tense into Spanish.
      • Colourful explanation notes of all tenses in the Note.
      • Secret way to spot and use the correct tenses.

      REMEMBER: you can simplify all parts of the exam if you know exactly how to approach them through focused training and preparation.

      REVOLUT: there is also the option of paying via REVOLUT – simply contact me on 0867229568 or dave@myteacherdave.com.