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Leaving Cert Spanish Grinds

Online Leaving Cert Spanish Grinds that simplify your learning and prepare you fully for your big exam.


Everything in one place

Play Video about Spanish Subjunctive Uses WEIRDO

Grammar Videos

From the Past Tense right up to the Subjunctive,  short snappy videos are incorporated into our classes for more dynamic learning or rapid revision.

Comprehension Videos

Develop your listening skills while focusing on specific parts of grammar with mini-movies that keep you engaged and bring your Spanish to life.

Play Video about the devil and the hellfire club presentation image with old, scary building in the background and video topic of past tense Spanish

Gamified Learning

Gamified learning allows you to do interactive activities and try to work out the answers for yourself – you can try this one now!

Exam Prep. Booklets

H1-level Opinion Pieces, Notes, Diary Entries Formal Letters for the Leaving Cert exam. 

Features include: H1 Spanish text, English translation, plan of the text, key grammatical structures, tenses and topic-specific vocabulary.

Leaving Cert Opinion Piece Booklet Volunteers cover with beautiful blue background on a bright, wooden shelf and coloured pencils on the right-hand side of it

Notes & Infographics

Clear and colourful infographics and notes that summarise specific parts of grammar and sections of the Leaving Cert. exam.

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Get 100% free access to my Free Spanish Hub. Explore the vocabulary and grammar topics, the interactive activities, the colourful notes and step-by-step approach to learning and improving.

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