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Spanish Opinion Piece Volunteering


This H1-level Opinion Piece based on the 2021 exam has been written in Spanish with an English translation.

There is also a comprehensive list of important topic-specific vocabulary as well as a key to the grammatical constructions used in this text.

Description of Contents


Do you know…

The Opinion Piece is obligatory in the Leaving Cert. exam (Higher Level) and is worth a generous 50 marks.

Many students don’t always know how to answer it well as they have not had the opportunity to see great examples or practice it. 

In order to do well in the Opinion Piece, you need to be able to…

  • Plan your 3 points of the essay.
  • Correctly structure your essay.
  • Use several tenses including the past, present and future.

You need to be able to …

  • Write your opinions about the topic.
  • Use relevant vocabulary for the topic.
  • Offer a solution or recommendation (essential for H1).

This Opinion Piece …

  • Is written in Spanish and English.
  • Contains excellent phrases and translations.
  • Provides you with essential vocabulary of opinions and structuring.
  • Gives you an insight into how to write in different tenses.
  • Shows you how to plan and structure your essay.

REMEMBER: you can simplify all parts of the exam if you know exactly how to approach them through focused training and preparation.

REVOLUT: there is also the option of paying via REVOLUT – simply contact me on 0867229568 or dave@myteacherdave.com.