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Student in Spanish Oral Class

Spanish Oral Classes

Leaving Cert. 2022

Show That You Know

In our Spanish Oral Classes, the motto is “Show That You Know”! 

The examiner will have a big bag of points he or she genuinely wants to give you – and you will be genuinely ready to take them!

You will show that you know:

– the exact grammar and vocabulary for each question

– how to recognise the examiner’s key “signposts”

– how to speak about past holidays, pastimes, or future plans

Walk into the Oral with confidence – walk out with the points!

Adiós Stress - Hola Success

Here's how we do it...

Boost Confidence

by mastering Spanish pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary.

Lots of Tips & Tricks

like using simple “Points Boosters” and sounding more “natural”.

FREE Videos

a “powertool” to view yourself in action and tweak your performance.

Spotting "Signposts"

the examiner’s questions are full of them and lead towards the answers!





Have we met? If not,  CLICK HERE to find out a little about me. CLICK HERE or my image to see my video.

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Spanish Oral Classes

There are only 5 places remaining.


All lessons are private 1-to-1 and given on Zoom.


Accurate grammar and appropriate vocabulary for each “topic” of the exam (school life, family, holidays etc.).


Video recordings of the oral practice sessions. 


I am a doctor of linguistics (PhD), a qualified teacher with over ten years’ experience (Ireland and Spain) and a member of the Association of Teachers of Spanish, Ireland (ATS).


The first thing is you will contact me via the form below to book the classes. We will then organise times. Later, you will make your payment and we’re all set! You will receive email confirmation of receipt of payment. Lastly, the student will receive a Zoom invitation, typically 20-30 minutes before the start of each session.

Teacher Dave


*5 x 1-Hour Private Class on Zoom


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* Subject to availability – only 5 places left.

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Student Reviews


Leaving Cert. 2021- 6 Months (H2)

student testimonial - hannah dancing

“Teacher Dave is great because the classes are tailored to the student and you can concentrate on what you need most. I have learnt so much in a few short weeks. Furthermore, I have gained so much confidence in speaking Spanish that I never had before. This is because we chat in Spanish in an easy and relaxed manner. Dave gives so much time to your improvement and is really invested in your progress”.


Leaving Cert. 2022- 18 Months

MyTeacherDave Student Testimonials - Holly

“I have been attending Dave’s weekly Spanish class since last year and it has no doubt been the best decision. Dave is by far one of the best teachers I’ve ever had he is very thorough with explaining each topic and has brilliant, colourful notes which I find very helpful. Thank you Dave for all the time and effort you have put into all my classes, it has made a huge difference to my school work…”


Leaving Cert. 2021- 8 Months (H3)

Davey Student

“Teacher Dave has taught me to have a positive mindset towards Spanish and I have enjoyed every single one of my classes. His patience and support are unmatched and even the toughest parts of the language are broken down with the easy-to-follow lessons. We always crack a few jokes and have fun while learning, which gives the classes their real uniqueness”.


Frequently Asked Questions

Spanish Leaving Cert Grinds female student in class


After you contact me to talk and check availability, we will schedule our classes. You will be invited to make payment then.

One of the most powerful tools for improving spoken Spanish is to actually see or hear ourselves speaking the language. 

We prepare ourselves for the practice session, we record it, and then we analyse it together to see exactly where you did well and what you could instantly fix.

It’s hard to imagine a more effective way to boost our speaking skills!


One great advantage of my private 1-to-1 classes is that there is only the student and the teacher. The video recording is only for you and me to analyse and for you to keep.

I am a Doctor (PhD) of Linguistics with Spanish and English now, but I actually started Spanish as a hobby 18 years ago with zero idea of the language! I made all the mistakes, worked really hard, became an expert (a Doctor!) and developed the best ways to learn properly and retain what I learned.

As a teacher, I dedicate everything I do to show you how to improve, love the language and know what it’s like to be successful with it.

As one of my past students said:

Dave gives so much time to your improvement and is really invested in your progress”. – Hannah Sharky.

I’ll let the facts answer this…

Many of my students come to me because they are struggling with Spanish – be it the grammar, listening, reading or writing. For example, some of these students were getting grades like 35% to 40% in their school exams and, as one mother said, “my son has NEVER passed a Spanish exam in his life!”.

However, ALL of these went on to get grades like H2s  and H3s in their actual Leaving Cert. exam after a few months in my classes.

There is absolutely no reason why YOU couldn’t be another success story of My Teacher Dave.


I provide classes which are designed to equip you with a greater understanding of all the “nuts and bolts” of Leaving Cert. grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, writing and, super-important, exam preparation. 

CLICK HERE for general information about the online classes (price, availability etc.).

CLICK HERE for direct access to FREE resources:

– Fun Quizzes (grammar/vocabulary)

– J.C./L.C. Past Papers (incl. audio & marking scheme!)

– “How to” videos

– Listening Practice