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Learning Languages Should Be Easy - Enjoyable - Engaging

Science behind my teaching

I have a huge advantage as a language teacher – I’m a Doctor of Cognitive Linguistics.

Learn how this helps…

Become a better learner

Using better ways to learn greatly helps retention of information which is crucial to language – learning.

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Meet me

Many years of learning, teaching and researching Spanish led to MyTeacherDave.com

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It's not about the grade you start with but the one you finish with...

H7 to H4

or a less-than-passing grade of 30%-39% was how some students started. 

They ended up with a H4 or better.

3 Grades

has been the average grade increase across all students over the last three years.

Some even rose to a H1.


of my students got the course they wanted at university and some qualified for various types of scholarships.

I believe all students have the ability to succeed and enjoy Spanish.

They only need an opportunity to learn, to grow their confidence and to achieve in their exams.

Dave Clarke (B.A. – M.A. – PhD)

B.A. Spanish & Linguistics, First Class (UCD)

M.A. Translation Studies (DCU)

PhD Cognitive Linguistics (DCU)

RTÉ Brainstorm – Contributor

“learning Spanish has brought me so many fantastic things in life…”

I began my amazing journey with Spanish in 2004 as a hobby and with ZERO idea. I very quickly grew to love the language more and more until, in 2007, I was accepted to study it in UCD. 

Since then, I’ve completed a Master’s degree with the language and a PhD in Cognitive Linguistics concerning Spanish and English.

Learning Spanish has brought me so many fantastic things in life. Not least of which has been living and working throughout Spain in the private and public education systems for over 12 years.

“my passion now is to give students the best learning experience possible”

When the pandemic hit, I decided to up-skill and learn web design.

The product of all my education, teaching and web-design is MyTeacherDave.com.

Here, I can apply all my research into language and the brain to my teaching training. My passion now is to give students the best learning experience possible.

Teacher Dave

Ready to start improving your Spanish?


Frequently Asked Questions

Spanish Leaving Cert Grinds female student in class

€35.00 PER HOUR

However, classes are bought in blocks of four.

For more information, CLICK HERE

Firstly, we will meet each other!

You can explain what things about English or Spanish are difficult or complicated for you. I will show you how I can help you to improve.

Most importantly, we will have a REAL class of grammar, vocabulary, listening, or comprehension – whatever you want!


Not at all. 

All materials are provided free of charge. 

The only thing you need is a good internet connection, and a laptop or tablet.

I am a Doctor (PhD) of Linguistics with Spanish and English now, but I actually started Spanish as a hobby 18 years ago with zero idea of the language! I made all the mistakes, worked really hard, became an expert (a Doctor!) and developed the best ways to learn properly and retain what I learned.

As a teacher, I dedicate everything I do to show you how to improve, love the language you study and know what it’s like to be successful with it.

As one of my past students said:

Dave gives so much time to your improvement and is really invested in your progress”. – Hannah Sharky.


All of my students report an improvement in their very first class.

This is because all materials and activities are designed to make you get better immediately.


This is a complimentary Spanish class with absolutely no commitment to take others.

I hope you really enjoy the class and, most importantly, that you learn a lot in it.

However, if you don’t want other classes, that is completely OK!