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Welcome to the MyTeacherDave Testimonials Page!

It’s important to me that students and parents express how they benefit from my classes.

That’s why you will find genuine reviews here so that you may be better able to make an informed decision about whether my Spanish or English classes are the right fit for you.

Read the testimonials below or click the logo to watch my introduction video!

An informed decision is a good decision

Parents' Testimonials

Elizabeth ~Teacher Dave Testimonial

Elizabeth Ryan - Dublin, Ireland

I found Dave while seeking a Spanish Tutor for my 15 year old son. The first thing I noticed was that Dave really cares about his students and is eager to make learning Spanish more meaningful. Dave has many teaching strengths which include his creativity and his ability to make the language more fun and accessible to my son through interactive activities. He breaks complicated grammar processes into manageable simple parts and fosters a fun dynamic learning environment. As a result, my son a lot of confidence in Spanish and he has no problem with the homework practice materials after each lesson. Dave relates well to young people and my son likes him. Lastly, Dave is very easy to deal with, he is great humoured, kind and understanding. I would highly recommend him as a tutor.

Testimonial Parent 2

Maria Gannon - Dublin, Ireland

I got Dave through a friend to work with my son for Leaving Cert, best decision ever. My son really enjoyed the classes and his grades went up. Dave went beyond the call of duty to help my son and worked with him right through the mocks up to the exam. Can’t recommend him enough to everyone. Wish we had known about him while my daughter was doing the L.C. and she had him in her corner. 

Fabulous teacher great teaching methods.

parent testimonial photo 1

Ciara de Burca - Dublin, Ireland

Dave gave my son grinds for his Leaving Cert this year! He is absolutely excellent! Highly recommend!

Spanish Students

student testimonial - holly dancing

Holly Campion - Wicklow, Ireland

I have been attending Dave’s weekly Spanish class since last year and it has no doubt been the best decision.

For me, it has been quite hard this year with remote learning due to Covid-19 as it has been for many other Leaving Cert. students.

I found it quite difficult to learn independently. However, Dave knew exactly what I needed to focus. This made my Leaving Cert. Spanish studies much less stressful.

Dave’s classes are really enjoyable. For instance, they have given me the opportunity to gain confidence with speaking in Spanish.

I feel I have learnt so much from my classes with Dave because they are one-to-one classes and he really focuses on what is best for you!

Dave is by far one of the best teachers I’ve ever had he is very thorough with explaining each topic and has brilliant, colourful notes which I find very helpful.

Thank you Dave for all the time and effort you have put into all my classes. It has made a huge difference to my school work so far and I’m looking forward to continuing on improving my Spanish.


Hannah Sharky - Kerry, Ireland

My Teacher Dave is great because the classes are tailored to the student and you can concentrate on what you need most.

I have learnt so much in a few short weeks. Furthermore, I have gained so much confidence in speaking Spanish that I never had before. This is because we chat in Spanish in an easy and relaxed manner.

Dave gives so much time to your improvement and is really invested in your progress.

Spanish Leaving Cert student male profile image elite athlete preparing for a bout in Karate championship

Davey Gannon - Dublin, Ireland

Teacher Dave has taught me to have a positive mindset towards Spanish and I have enjoyed every single one of my classes with him. His patience and support are unmatched. He even breaks down the toughest parts of the language with his easy-to-follow lessons. We always crack a few jokes and have fun while learning, which gives Teacher Dave’s classes their real uniqueness.

Teacher Dave female Spanish student with her dog on the harbour in Ireland

Laura Fitzpatrick - Kildare, Ireland

Teacher Dave has been a great help with my Spanish progress during my final year at university. His lessons are always engaging and he has excellent attention to detail, which is exactly what I needed.  Dave has helped with my preparation for oral exams as well as grammar and writing.


English Students

maria vitoria testimonial in snow

Maria Vitoria - Bahía, Brazil

English schools in Dublin have good teachers but Dave caught my attention in ELTA language school. He has a wonderful way of teaching. He loves what he does and is professional, helpful and a very talented teacher. Also, his classes are always lively.

I even started to like grammar because of him and I can say he has been my best teacher.

Lara bonfim testimonial

Lara Bonfim - São Paulo, Brazil

I would like to express my deep thanks and appreciation to Teacher Dave.
Since I met Teacher Dave to learn English, my English skills are better than ever, he could use my way of thinking in his teaching, and always gave me correct guidance.
I can easily understand and use everyday communication.
The lesson presentation and execution are very interesting and useful, they can widen your vision of language learning and improve your general English skills as well.
His lessons are fantastic and I have learned many things, such as grammar, vocabulary, native – level expressions etc.
And I have enjoyed Teacher Dave’s lessons very much.
Thanks so much Dave for teaching me, my English is getting better. Most importantly, was that I made a good friend with Teacher Dave.

Guilherme testimonial

Guilherme Ferreira - Brazil

There’s nothing better than achieving your goals, whatever they might be. Dave has helped me out with achieving mine and I’m very pleased to be his student. He’s very knowledgeable and ready to adapt the class to optimize your experience and get better results. Highly recommended!

student testimonial - daina in class

Daiana - São Paulo, Brazil

I studied English with Teacher Dave in Conversation Classes for two months in Dublin. Using phonetic descriptions and examples of vocabulary and sounds I already knew, my pronunciation improved. With better pronunciation, I definitely became more confident in talking, especially with native speakers!

Thank you Teacher Dave!

MyTeacherDave student testimonials - The parrots with certificates

The "Parrots" - Almeria, Spain

We are Delia, Inma and Fany and we were Dave’s students for six months. He used a lot of different materials (songs, crosswords, stories…) in our classes.

We Conceived the goal of B1 Cambridge.

Dave made us Believe in our goal.

Together, we worked very hard and we achieved super-high grades in the exam!

We would recommend Teacher Dave 100%.

My Teacher Dave student smiling on a beach

Danielly - Brazil

I have learned so much in my classes with Teacher Dave. He paces the class just right so you feel challenged but not overwhelmed. His teaching methods are great. Very clear and concise. He introduces a variety of areas into our lesson, which will meet my needs/levels, to nicely support to improve my English skills. Whenever I am taking his lessons, I feel how time flies because the lesson is really enjoyable. He is patient and eager to help. I’m thrilled to have found him! Recommending him is a no brainer.


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