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Free Spanish Alphabet

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This is super-important for Junior Cert. and Leaving Cert. and indeed for anyone studying this great language.


This is a big topic in Spanish. That is why I have broken it down into six individual sections. Each part concentrates on one particular point (e.g. individual letters, listening etc.). 

Becoming the Expert

You will become an expert in the Spanish Alphabet because you…

Hear the Pronunciations of Letters

Practice Your Pronunciation

Can Download My Alphabet Chart


* Tip *

Don’t forget to turn the card for more useful information.

Part 1 - Alphabet Cards

In this first section, you get the MyTeacherDave’s Alphabet Cards.

These cards teach you the pronunciation of each letter in the entire Spanish alphabet – one-by-one.

How to Do this Activity

Example Sentence


1) CLICK the audio button to PLAY the sound

2) LISTEN to the sound of the letter and sample word(s)

3) REPEAT the sound you hear



CLICK the “TURN” button to turn the card and get some more helpful pronunciation information for any given letter!


Sometimes there might be a short lag of a second or two until the audio plays after clicking!


How to Do This Activity

1) CLICK on the image of the little man

  (You will hear the sounds of the Spanish alphabet)

2) FOLLOW the letters of the alphabet chart as you hear them. 

    (You can do this by sight or with your finger/cursor)

3) LISTEN AGAIN, pause the audio and repeat the pronunciation. 

Part 2 - Full Alphabet

You have a good idea of the sounds of the letters from your Alphabet Cards in Part 1. 

In this section, let’s put all of the letters together.

free spanish vocabulary alphabet

CLICK HERE for a FREE downloadable PDF version of the alphabet chart


How to Do This Activity

In questions 1 to 7, there are two letters – only one of these is actually produced.

1) CLICK on the image of the little man

2) SELECT the sound you hear in 1 to 7 

3) CHECK answers with the “CHECK” button

4) RETRY and REPEAT until you get 100!

Part 3 - Similar Sounds

You may have noticed in the previous activities that some sounds in the Spanish alphabet are actually quite similar.

In this section, you will build your listening skills and be able to differentiate between some similar sounds.


Part 4 - Similar Words

You are doing great!

We are now coming to the end of the listening activities for the Spanish alphabet.

In the previous section, you had to listen to individual sounds. Now, you are going to listen to complete words.

How to Do This Activity

In questions 1 to 7, there are two names – only one of these is actually produced.

1) CLICK on the image of the little man

2) SELECT the name you hear being spelt in 1 to 7 

3) CHECK answers with the “CHECK” button

4) RETRY and REPEAT until you get 100! 


Part 5 - Animals & the Alphabet

In this section, you are now going to start spelling words in Spanish!

To do this, we are going to work with some pretty funny animals.

How to Do This Activity

There are five cards with an animal on each one.

1) CLICK the audio button to hear the sound the animal makes.

2) SPELL the name of the animal OUT LOUD

3) SAY the full name of the animal OUT LOUD

* TIP *

Use the individual alpabet cards in Part 1 above if you are not 100% sure how to pronounce any letter.

CLICK THE BLUE BUTTON to get there in a jiffy!


Part 6 - All About YOU!

Welcome to the very last part of MyTeacherDave’s Spanish Alphabet page.

As the title suggests, this part is ALL about you!

So far in your journey, you have done activities of listening, pronunciation and a little bit of spelling.

Let’s now apply all of the skills to talking specifically about you.

free spanish vocabulary baby spelling on laptop

The baby in the picture is actually thinking the most important question on this whole page!

How to Do this Activity


To ask about how to spell something, we say:


Example Q & A

Question => “¿Cómo se escribe tu nombre?“.

Answer    => “Se escribe mi nombre D-A-V-E“.

Your Mission

Using the information about how to ask and answer questions about spelling, make questions and answers for the following:

1) Your name (“mi nombre”)

2) Your surname (“mi apellido”)

3) Your email address (“mi correo electrónico”)

4) Your school (“mi instituto”)

5) Your favourite animal (“mi animal favorito”)


@ = “arroba”    . = “punto”    “space” = “espacio”

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Leaving Cert. 2021- 8 Months (H3)

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“Teacher Dave has taught me to have a positive mindset towards Spanish and I have enjoyed every single one of my classes. His patience and support are unmatched and even the toughest parts of the language are broken down with the easy-to-follow lessons. We always crack a few jokes and have fun while learning, which gives the classes their real uniqueness”.

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