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Free Spanish Masculine and Feminine

Free Spanish Masculine and Feminine – an essential part of Spanish!

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This is a mini-version of Masculine and Feminine on my Full Spanish Hub.

Spanish, unlike English, is a “gender” language.

No matter whether you are studying Spanish for Junior Cert., Leaving Cert. or for general purposes, you need to understand and correctly use genders.

Check out the BLUE BOX below for some examples that may already be familiar to you.



What we'll see here...

You will see a comprehensive introduction to masculine and feminine in Spanish through…

ARTICLES - "the" in Spanish

NOUNS - people, places, things

ENDINGS - help identify gender


Masculine and Feminine Introduction

There’s a good chance that you already know a bit about Spanish Masculine and Feminine genders – but you probably don’t know that you know!

We’ll start here at the absolute basics with a little Quick Quiz.

How to Do this Activity

1) Play the video to see what is happening.

2) Write the correct word below in each gap:

 EL     LA     LOS     LAS

*TIP* – Use the video to work out some of the vocabulary you are not 100% sure of in the quiz.

Teach Yourself

Watch these short videos of the four ways to say “the”  in Spanish.

You will learn about “the” in Masculine, Feminine, Singular and Plural forms.

After watching the video, do the activity again and try to get 100% correct.

* TIP *   – Write this information nice and clearly in your MyTeacherDave libreta!


Part 2 - Nouns Introduction

So, now you have a basic understanding that Spanish is a gender language. But let’s take it a bit further and focus on nouns (people, things etc.).

This is a bigger topic with more to consider but we’ll do it step by step.

Spanish Masculine Feminine - Nouns Intr

How to Do this Activity

– You are given 8 words.

– They’re Masculine (M) or Feminine (F).

– Tag each picture with either “M” or “F“.

After doing the activity, watch the video in the section


Teach Yourself

Watch this snippet of Masculine and Feminine nouns.

You will get a great introduction to start you off.

After watching the video, do the activity again and try to get 100% correct!

* TIP *   – Write this information nice and clearly in your notebook!


Part 3 - Exceptions

Like many things when learning languages, there are some exceptions to the rule.

Here, we will explore some of them. 

As always, test yourself before you learn by doing the activity below.

How to Do this Activity

1) You are given eight words.

2) These are either masculine (el) or feminine (la).

3) Tag each picture with either “el” or “la“.

English Classes Students

* TIP *   – Write this information nice and clearly in your notebook!

Teach Yourself

Watch this snippet of Exceptions of Masculine and Feminine Nouns.

You’ll get a good idea of some common exceptions.

After watching the video, do the activity again and try to get 100% correct!



To help with your studies, I have made one complete set of notes covering everything we’ve learned in the page. 

Simply CLICK on the image and download your copy.

I suggest you print these and store them in your MyTeacherDave folder for future revision.

Hasta luego,

Profesor Dave.


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