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Spanish Grinds

Online Spanish Grinds for Junior Cert. & Leaving Cert. Students.

Leaving Cert. Spanish

You build a solid foundation of grammar and vocabulary and then learn to comfortably navigate all the sections of the exam.

Lastly, you will sprinkle all this with my secret “points-boosters” that leave the examiner super-impressed!

Junior Cert. Spanish

As a Doctor of Cognitive Science, I know from teaching young people from 6th class to 6th year, that the key to their success is to make learning FUN!

My interactive games and colourful activities engage the student from start to end.


The Complete Spanish Package

With 250 interactive games and activities, 80 explanation videos,  250 downloadable notes and 15 years of past papers, you have the complete package for boosting your Spanish.

Play Video about Ser y Estar Introduction PNG

Grammar Videos

Step-by-step grammar videos incorporated into our classes for learning new topics or for rapid revision of those already covered.

Vocabulary Videos

Snappy Spanish vocabulary videos we use in our classes to enjoy the various topics and keep you engaged in a much more dynamic way.

Play Video

Gamified Learning

Gamified learning allows the student to do interactive activities and try work out the answers for themselves – you can try this one now!

Notes & Infographics

Clear and colourful infographics and notes that summarise specific parts of grammar and sections of the Leaving Cert. exam.


Start for free

Get 100% free access to my Free Spanish Hub. Explore the vocabulary and grammar topics, the interactive activities, the colourful notes and step-by-step approach to learning and improving.


Real Students and Real Success with Teacher Dave

I struggled with Spanish before I started with Dave - but he taught me to have positive mindset towards Spanish and I enjoyed every single class with him.
We always had a laugh too.
His patience and support are unmatched.
I attended Dave’s weekly Spanish class since last year and it has no doubt been the best decision. Dave is by far the best teachers I’ve ever had he is very thorough with explaining each topic and has brilliant, colourful notes which I find very helpful.
Dave really cares about his students and makes learning Spanish more meaningful. Dave has many teaching strengths which include his creativity and his ability to make the language more fun and accessible to my son through interactive activities...
5th Year Spanish Grinds students learning with MyTeacherDave on a laptop

Free Start

A very popular way to explore what's on offer here at MyTeacherDave.com - it's 100% FREE!

Free access to mini Spanish hub
  • 1 FREE Grind
  • 1 Exam Booklet
  • Mini Hub
  • All Past Papers
  • Quick Quizzes


A wide range of top-quality digital resources best exam knowledge & preparation.

Prices start from only €3.95
  • From €3.95
  • eBooklets
  • Key Grammar
  • Key Vocab.
  • Exam Guides
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1-to-1 Grinds

This is the most effective way to really excel in your Spanish studies.

You will have an expert in your corner.
  • 60 mins class
  • Clear Notes
  • Exam Prep
  • Full Hub
  • Corrections
  • SMS Texts**


*classes are booked in blocks of 4

**Parents & students over 18 can message me directly via WhatsApp.


Ready to start improving your Spanish?